Do you know if your home appliances are functioning as they should? Have you recently noticed an issue such as a power failure or increasing energy bills? These two scenarios can be thoroughly examined through the use of a method known as PAT (Portable Appliance Testing). One of the main intentions of this service is to ensure that all appliances are performing in accordance with modern safety standards. Some of the actions that will be undertaken during such a visit include:

  • A thorough visual inspection.
  • Verifying that the appliance is properly grounded (when necessary).
  • Checking for loose or frayed cables.
  • Making certain that a sufficient amount of electrical insulation is present.

It is always important to have your appliances examined by a trained technician on a regular basis. Once again, the specialists at Smartline electrical are here to assist. Please feel free to contact a team member in order to better understand what is involved with PAT testing. You can also choose to schedule an appointment with our team so that any potential issues are discovered and rectified within a timely manner.

We offer our PAT testing services to schools, landlords, home and business owners at a competitive price.