Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our commercial and residential electrical services.


At Smart Line Electricals, we offer a wide range of services throughout Essex including:

★ Consumer Units
★ Electrical Installs
★ House Rewires
★ Electric Car Charging Points
★ Electric Gates
★ Flat Screen LCD/ Plasma TV Installation
★ Inspections
★ Testing
★ Maintenance
★ Repairs
★ Security Systems

House Rewires

Electrical installations in buildings deteriorate over time. Over the years, modifications may be made to the electrical systems, such as adding lights or sockets.

Due to the fact many of the electrical installations are hidden from view, this means that faults can develop which can potentially lead to serious or fatal injuries. It is therefore recommended that you have an Electrical Installation Condition Report. This will help to detect any faults as well as recommending a solution. In all, having your wiring tested is for safety purposes and potential injury.

We recommend rewiring your property if it has not been done for years. It is a good idea for safety purposes but also for flexibility with period properties which haven’t been updated for years.

Consumer Units

A consumer unit controls and distributes power throughout a property. Every electrical circuit in your home is connected to your consumer unit.

No, they are not illegal. However, by law, you are unable to install an old-style fuse box in your home.

Old fuse boxes are not compliant with the latest electrical regulations. This means that they should be replaced with a modern consumer unit for safety purposes. However, if you have one installed, they will do the job. It’s just that more modern consumer units will cut the power much faster in the event of an electrical fault.

Security Systems

Smart Line Electrical offer the following Security Systems across Essex:

★ CCTV Systems
★ Intruder Alarms
★ Access Control
★ Gate Automation
★ Fire Alarms
★ Surveillance Cameras